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HiFi Kabin Rules
Who is The Kaptain and who owns the forum?
Where are my email notifications?
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How secure is the HiFi Kabin?
How green is the HiFi Kabin?
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General Advice

HiFi Kabin Rules

  1. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and may result in a warning or, as a last resort, banning
  2. Remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated.
  3. Political discussion is only permitted in the "Free For All" forum. Any such discussion elsewhere will be deleted without notice.

  4. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in these points is up to the administrators and moderators and not users.
  5. Please do not act as "back seat moderators". If you note an issue which contravenes the rules, or have an issue with the forum in general, please PM a member of the 'Kurators' Do not respond to such topics yourself.
  6. Before starting a new topic, please use the search function at the top of the page. There might be an existing topic that covers what you want to talk about.

  7. Other forums and its members have no right of reply here. Please do not criticise them or their members. If you have a problem with another forum or its members, please deal with it there and not here.
  8. Please refain from referring to banned members for the same reasons stated above.

  9. Please post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, or use 'txt spk'
  10. Do not unnecessarily 'bump' topics.

  11. The above forum rules where applicable also apply to private messaging. Abuse of the private messaging system may lead to warnings (as above) and/or the revocation of private messaging. In addition, anyone PMing other members in an inappropriate manner, or continuing to PM when they have been asked not to, will have their membership of this forum terminated and their action reported to their isp as appropriate.

  12. Please remember. People on the internet are not always who or what they seem to be.
    If you are at all concerned about the real identity or motives of a forum member, please do not hesitate to contact a member of The Kurators.

  13. Please don't use avatars wider than 200 pixels. Animated Avatars are not allowed.
  14. Photos in signatures :- Do not have more than 2 lines of photos, each up to 700 wide, and in total no higher than 250. Animated Signature images are not allowed.


Who is The Kaptain?

I was a long standing member of the LINN forum who became dissatisfied with the direction it was taking. The HiFiKabin is owned and funded by myself but voluntary contributions towards hosting costs is always welcome and can be made at the donation page


Where are my email Notifications?

Sometimes email notifications end up in your SPAM folder. To prevent this happening in the future please read these instructions.


Forum Usergroups

There are several usergroups in the HiFi Kabin, what they are and what they allow you to do is described below

Newly registered users
All members who have recently registered but have not posted.

Registered Users
All members are in this group as its the starting point for all permissions.

There is only one administrator who has full control of the board. That is myself.

The Kurators
Selected members who have full moderating powers over the board.

Trade Members
Recognised HiFi retailers or manufacturers

Full Members
Full members with 10+ posts who have access to Heads Up and can start topic in The Emporium.

Members with 10+ posts who can vote in the Kabin Album Of The Month (if you do not wish to take part you can remove yourself from this group)

Banned Members
Members who have been banned from the HiFi Kabin.


New Members Restrictions

As a new members you will not have full access to the HiFi Kabin, in particular your first post needs to be approved by a moderator

In addition you will not be able to add a signature or avatar nor use the Private Message system.
These restrictions will be removed once your first post has been approved.


How secure is the HiFi Kabin?

In the life of phpBB 3.x there have only been 5 security vulnerabilities, each relatively minor, and dealt with promptly by the software writers. More Reading

Any reports to the contrary are incorrect. Each code change goes through an independent security audit by SektionEins before it is released.

The HiFiKabin is now a "Secured Bite" where any information you enter is transmitted in a secure manner thus keeping your password and email address safe from being intercepted on its journey. For more information See Here


How green is the HiFi Kabin?

I am pleased to say that our site has been officially certified as using Green Hosting

This website runs on green hosting - verified by thegreenwebfoundation.org



There are three styles that are selectable in your UCP and on the right side of the Navigation bar. The default is prosilver.


Sticky Bar

The "Sticky Bar" that attaches it self to the top of your Browsers Screen can be turned off in your UCP



The icons at the start of the Forum and Topic rows have the following meanings. Scrolling text in the icon denotes a 'popular' topic.

Contains Unread Posts

Contains unread posts and also contains a subforum

Contains Unread Posts and is Locked to further posting

Contains no unread posts

Contains no unread posts and also contains a subforum

Contains no unread posts and is Locked to further posting

Contains no posts but is a link to somewhere else

is edit, the report this post and quote.

In a quoted post, the name as shown by the red arrow takes you to the posters profile, the † as shown by the blue arrow takes you to the original post


Font Size

You can iincrease the font size up to ~400% of the default and/or make all the font bold by going to your User Control Panel and looking in "Board Preferences"



Passwords are stored in the database in a way that makes them irrecoverable. Your password is first salted and then hashed which is a one way process and can not be reverse engineered to produce the original password. Should you forget your password, request another from the log on page.

If you are naturally untrustful of Password Generators available elsewhere I have created one for you which is available HERE It can also be found on your Change Password and Registration pages. No data is stored, and once the page is closed or refreshed the generated password is automatically deleted.

If you lose your password, click here to enable you to create a new one. The email should arrive almost instantly. If for some reason it doesn't, check your spam folder.


Problems keeping Logged In

As the 'keep me logged in' information is stored on a cookie the usual suspects are:-

  1. A corrupted cookie. Click Delete Cookies and log in again
  2. Your browser is clearing cookies when you close it. (it would happen on all sites you log on to)
  3. Your ISP is changing your ip address frequently (it would happen on all sites you log on to


Tagging members

I have added an extension that allows you to tag a member which gives them a notification and link to that post. Simply start typing the username after an @ and a dropdown list will appear. Click the name you want and continue your post.

You must select the username from the dropdown, simply typing @The Kaptain will not work. Also the extension can not cope with spaces, so stop typing before any space in the username.



You are now allowed to attach images into posts which are stored on this server.

You can 'drag and drop' images into the posting box, or click the Attachments link under the posting box then Add Files and Browse for the Image you require on your computer. In either case you need to click Place Inline for the image to appear in the body of the post.

You can only attach images if you have made more than 2 posts

The alternative way is to use BBCode.

To post a picture using BBCode it needs to be on the web somewhere first. The easiest tool I have found is PostImage.org You can use it on its own, sign up to have more control over your images, or download their app which turns your print screen button into an editing and upload tool (Windoze only) Use the 'hotlink link for forums' code. Using the 'thumbnail' code will result is only the thumbnail being visible on the forum.

If you are copying an image from another site (something that is not recommended) then please make sure the image code ends in a recognised image file extension (.jpg .gif .bmp etc) , highlight the link, and click the img button at the top of the posting box.


There is also a Postimage Upload tool under the posting box.

• Add image to post

To stop images appearing in posts CLICK HERE and set "Display Images Within Posts" to no

Any oversized image will be resized at the client side, thus avoiding forum and server slowdown.



I have added a facility for you to make notes that you, and only you, can read. Just click the link as shown below to access that page.

You can also acess them directly from a post by clicking the button

You may find this extremely useful when compiling your KAOTM list



Members with 2 or more posts can upload an avatar in their profile.

Find a photo you want, making sure it is not animated nor wider than 200 pix (see the Forum Rules)

To upload an avatar, go to your User Control Panel>Profile>Edit Avatar select Upload Avatar from the dropdown and either browse for it on your computer or paste the URL in the box.

To use a remote avatar, upload it as described in Images and paste the code on to a notepad document. You will have something like this


then remove all of the tags, leaving


Next, go to your User Control Panel>Profile>Edit Avatar paste the code in, and submit.

CLICK HERE and set "Display Avatars" to no



If you find the smilies annoying, CLICK HERE and change "Display smilies as images" to no, submit the page and they will no longer appear as pictures.


A long link can be shortened in the post like this.



Internal links automatically appear like this

For example http://hifikabin.me.uk/faq.php

appears as FAQ's



If you have PM's arrive when your inbox is full the oldest message is deleted in order to make room. .

If you prefer, you can change the behaviour so that the newest message is put 'on hold' until you have made space and clicked 'release on hold messages'.

Go to User Control Panel>Private Messages>Rules, Folders and Settings


Friends and Foes

You can ignore posts and PM's made by individual members if you wish by setting them as a 'foe' More information here


Bot's and Spider's

Any Bot or Spider you see in the Who is online section are indexing the forum so that information can be found in Search Engines. They can not view PM's/User Control Panel etc, and if they appear to be doing so they get an error message.


Trade Member's

Trade Members are most welcome but you must make yourself known to The Kaptain stating what you make import or sell.

Approved Trade Members will have their rank changed to that name. Please note that you can not promote or talk about products that you design/manufacture/sell if you do not have that rank. The decision to allow the rank of Trade Members is made by The Kaptain alone and no discussion will be entered into.

You can apply by PMing The Kaptain or by clicking This Link

There is no cost to you by becoming a Trade Members, this rank only exists in the interests of clarity, but please remember that Hi Fi Kabin is privately run and is personally funded byThe Kaptain However, donations towards the running costs are always welcome.

Hi Fi Kabin does not endorse or guarantee the integrity of any equipment discussed it merely provides a venue for discussion.

Effective from March 1st 2017


Heads Up Sub Forum

The Heads Up sub Forum is viewable by members with 10+ posts ONLY


Emporium Special Rules

1) This section is exclusively for the use of HiFi Kabin forum members. Only Full Members (those with 10+ posts) are allowed to start a Topic, all other members can reply.

2) No Fake or otherwise illegal items

3) For clarity it is best if ll For sale items include the price, a picture of the item with a piece of paper with your forum ID in shot..

3a) Members with the rank of Trade Member have their username coloured and only need to include the price and photo of the item.

3b) "Heads Up" and "Interest Check" posting is allowed without a photo, but a photo MUST be added before it is converted to a "For Sale" topic.

4) Any item sold for charity can be sold by auction if you wish. Set a starting bid, close date and state what Charity it is in aid of. All bids must be posted on the topic.

5) Please state FS, FS (CHARITY) or WTD in the topic title as appropriate.

6) Make it clear if the item is 'collect only' and/or where you are prepared to ship with an estimate of the cost.

7) Once the transaction is completed, please edit the title to indicate the fact

8) Neither HiFi Kabin the forum Admin or Mods can be held accountable for any transaction arising. This section has just been added to help members private transactions

9) Any listing that does not conform to the above may be removed without notice.


"Kabin Album Of The Month" (aka KAOTM)

Towards the end of every month members with a post count of 10+ will have access to the link to the KAOTM survey on the dedicated forum. You can also get a PM if you add yourself to the KAOTM Usergroup via your User Control Panel

Once there you will be able to nominate the Five albums you have most enjoyed most this month.

Place your favourite album for the month in the First Choice and four more albums for Second through to Fifth Choices.
These may be in any format [CD, LP, Download etc] but must have appeared in the current months "What Are You Listening To" topic
  • Please do not enter the same album more than once.
  • You do not need to send your poll vote form until the last day of the month.
  • The points for each album are totalled up and the winner of the Kabin Album Of The Month will appear in the Kabin Album Of The Month sub forum on the 1st day of the following month.

The positions of each nominated album of each member will be given points as follows:

1st = 10 Points
2nd = 9 Points
3rd = 8 Points
4th = 7 Points
5th = 6 Points

Please place all discussions about current KAOTM topic in 'Music'


General Advice

    The Internet is a great place to have fun, but some people may try to use this for their own more dangerous purposes. Remember, people in chatrooms and on message boards may not be who they say they are. You can't hear them or see them so you don't really know if they are telling the truth.
    Unfortunately, you cannot automatically trust anyone you meet online. Have a look below for advice on how best to protect yourself and make sure your on-line experience is fun and exciting as it should be!
    This guide is really aimed at younger users of the Website but the advice may be just as applicable to adult users.

    If you are under 16 you should always let your parents or legal guardian know that you are using a message board or chatroom.

    You should never give out the following information about yourself:-

    • Full name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Mobile number
    • E-mail address
    • School name
    • Log-in password


HiFi Kabin : Disclaimer