First LP12, what to look for

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Re: First LP12, what to look for

Post by Mr Fixit » Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:35 pm

Mr Onion wrote:I totally agree with Debbie, Cymbiosis is my dealer as well (though its only a thick hours drive for me)

The only dealer 'near' you that I have hear good reports LP12 wise is Audio T in Brighton (although I have no personal experience and I suspect that in reality its not much difference in travelling time)

Peter (Cymbiosis) is a great guy to deal with, and 9when he is in the country) is more then willing to give advice by phone or email. He literally travels all over the world setting up LP12 which gives you some idea of the regard he is held in.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Just returned from the USA and will post on the "Peters Travels thread" shortly.

Jeff in Soundcraft is local and a nice guy.

John and Julian although part of Audio T these days (Ex Jefferies HiFi) offer a very good personal service.

Knowing a budget is always helpful and a new (to the owner) LP12 need not always be all new. Marrying nice used items with new at what the client's budget is? Is the key to happiness IMHO.

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