Anyone On Here Using This Stylus Cleaner?

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Re: Anyone On Here Using This Stylus Cleaner?

Post by Jazz Club » Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:27 pm

Dr_Eddie wrote:Yes, I'm using it and the very occasional rub with green stuff too. EXcellent results.
Wonder if it was what fooked up your DV cartridge????
I'm being serious here man.
Water up a cartridge cantilever will mess with left and right channels.
Even a micro small brush flick splash onto the cartridge wires will be enough to start the rusting process . :smt018
Get a pin and hold it in front of a mirror and brush the point with SPT as you would your stylus and see where the water travels?

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Re: Anyone On Here Using This Stylus Cleaner?

Post by Dr_Eddie » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:46 am

I hope it did FU the Dynavector , then I might be covered for accidental damage. Seriously though I really doubt it. Remember the cartridge was only 2 weeks old when it lost the RH channel, for the first time . That was with barely 14 hours of playing time and I'd not been near it with any SPT back then. Plus the amount of fluid involved is microscopic, and it dries within 10 seconds of application.

I only use a light pass with greenstuff after about 20 hours of playing. My Kandid has 27 hours on it now and is really beginning to open up, sounding very organic and dynamic. Having just played the first couple of Beatles albums ( original stereo pressings ) I can honestly say I have never heard them sound so powerful and together. In fact the last time I heard them sound this good was at the first Abbey Road open day in the 80's listening to the master tapes at high level through studio monitors. That day I remember thinking that it was impossible to capture that sound by transferring it to the vinyl.

I was wrong, they did get it on the vinyl, the problem has been getting it off again. The Kandid Kan and does really love the Beatles. No need for box sets, just listen to those originals. :D
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