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dan steel
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Naim Stuff For Sale

Post by dan steel »

I’m selling some of my Naim stuff off, I’m reluctant to put it on evil bay so I’ll give anyone on here a chance to buy first. All items are pristine condition fully boxed with instructions and leads.

Naim Nac 202 serial no.4553XXX - £1650

Naim Nap 200DR serial no.4095XX - £1550 (SOLD)

Naim Hicap DR serial no. 426XXX - £1050 (SOLD)

Naim Napsc serial no. 433CXX - £250 (SOLD)

Naim Headline serial no.451XXX - £450. This is the rca version but I will include a flashback 5 pin ring locking DIN plug- 2 in-line Phono/RCA sockets Headphone Amp Record Out Cable need for Naim amps with din sockets.

All postage is extra but you can pickup if you feel up to it.

I have photos available on request. x8)
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Coyote Jim
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Re: Naim Stuff For Sale

Post by Coyote Jim »

Hi Dan
Your gear should go quickly it's all immaculate and nearly if not brand new.
Santa Bargains for the taking.
I know how fussy you are. :p
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