Hello from Huby, near York

NO, not musical introductions. :roll:
Pop in, say hello and tell us about yourself. We don't bite, well not unless you ask nicely.

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Re: Hello from Huby, near York

Post by flatpopely » Sun May 27, 2018 12:20 pm

It was a huge improvement over the NAC72/HiCAP/NAP135s I had, yes really!
Plus the inbuilt DAC is rather good.
Oh and the phono stage is better than the Prefix k/HiCAP I had.....................

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Re: Hello from Huby, near York

Post by Wenge1 » Mon May 28, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi Andrew, welcome aboard ....... :smt023
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Re: Hello from Huby, near York

Post by Pediatrik » Mon May 28, 2018 6:00 pm

Welcome Andrew! Always great with a new kabineer! xss30
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