Tonights FA Cup Night.

Thats Soccer to everyone on the left side of the pond.

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Re: Tonights FA Cup Night.

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Jazz Club wrote:Jim,
A draw?
You can't of been watching the same game as me.
Anyway a draw would of only gone to penalties and we would of lost on those.
I knew i shouldn't have watched and jinxed it but it was a historic game so had too.
We started really well and pulled fingers out 8 mins from the end but it was to late by then.
I hope Everton can do better. :smt023
I was replying to Crystal Palace v Everton game
The second part was Man Utd's easy win :smt023
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Jazz Club

Re: Tonights FA Cup Night.

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I felt really sorry for Palace yesterday.
I knew they would loose because of bad ref decisions. :smt013
Rooney should of been sent off. :roll: :roll: :smt013

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