Winging Sam

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Re: Winging Sam

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dan steel wrote:
Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:08 am
Very sad times at Everton at the moment but it’s now got worse with the forecoming announcement of fat arse Sam. I’ve supported Everton through thick and thin good and bad. But now I fear we are heading out of the prem and the idea of bringing fat arse in brings Everton to a new low. From a club that had high aspirations at the start of the season we have stooped to a new low and are the laughing boys of the prem. The Liverpool supporters are having a field day and I don’t blame them. Koeman has completely destroyed Everton and should never have been appointed like all Dutch managers who come to the prem they can’t cut the mustard as Man Utd and Palace fans know.
Bad times at Everton a club I love and it hurts to see what the board are doing in appointing him. Panic is the word.

Can’t believe it either. I thought at the start of the season Everton were going to be the team to watch. Something is very sadly amiss and it looks like it could get worse.
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dan steel
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Re: Winging Sam

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It starts with the purchases, and it’s all Koemans work
£45 million for Gylfi Sigurðsson couldn’t get a game for Spurs but best player for a poor Swansea team. Koemans no1 target at any price. We’ve got a geriatric back four the money could have been used to buy a new left back and a centre half. At best worth £20 million.
£25 million for Michael Keane at best worth £15 million vastly overpriced and overrated could have got Maguire from Hull for £15 million.
£25 million for Davy Klaassen a star at Ajax but completely out of his depth but is he a scapegoat due to the pathetic start.
£5.5 for Sandro Ramirez a chance taken on him due to his scoring ratio in Spain. He could come good but his chances have been limited due to the bad start.
Wayne Rooney part of the deal for Lukaku and a waste of space. Lost his place at Man Utd due to his drinking performances with Wes Brown and Darren Gibson. A complete piss head who should not be on the pitch, and one that stinks of Bill Kenwright reminiscing moods.
Cuco Martina a free from Southampton worst player I’ve seen Koeman brought him to Southampton and he could not get a game once Koeman left. Saints supporters were begging Everton to take him as he was that bad. Took the piss on Twitter when he arrived.
Couple all these signings with Ashley Williams who we signed last year and is so bad he should never wear a blue shirt again, you can see how bad a state Everton are in.
You can’t blame Unsworth he is doing his best with a bad bunch, same goes to Moshiri he is a business man who probably knows nothing about football. He paid off all the debts and provided Everton with a war chest to buy the players unfortunately Koeman didn’t know a good player if he fell over one.
When Everton had the European place boxed off last season they went on a very bad run and it was never addressed and it was to continue to where they are now in very deep relegation. Allardyce should have been booted out of football for life after what he done whilst England manager, but now he is going to Everton. I certainly won’t be going anymore. :smt013
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Re: Winging Sam

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You have my sympathy for where you find yourselves for sure but right now we (Palace) need as many teams as possible to be struggling to get out of the mess we are in. Couple of things about your insights/points:

We only had BFS for half a season but in that short period of time he was better than we had expected. There is the murky history , the defence first/respect the point mantras but he does give flair players the platform to play. I would say he is light years better than Pulis at that. Also found myself warming to him which was a shock because he does talk a lot of sense but also has a sense of humour. Pulis doesn't. We needed him and he did the job, so fair enough. But I understand the nervousness about him being put in charge of a longer term future but I am doubtful of any 'certainties' these days.

Re your squad and transfers. From afar I was jealous of the big budget but surprised at how this was seemingly frittered away and gobsmacked that you didn't buy a top CF. It wasn't rocket science that you needed to replace him. What was laughable is that you almost sold us Niasse too and would have even less options.

Gylfi Sigurðsson can't have become a bad player overnight. He topped the tables in the stats but needs the team to be shaped around him. Most of all he needs a CF to play off and to. The rest I agree with. Rooney was a bizarre purchase. I am surprised at how quickly Williams has declined and just glad we were unsuccessful a year before now.

Is it Koeman that was picking the signings or your DOF? If not the latter but validated by the Manager then what exactly is he doing ?

So you have my sympathy but........ we have our own problems.

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