"Nessie" Light

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"Nessie" Light

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"What is a Nessie Light?" I hear you ask. Well, its a light designed for the Nessie range of RCM (which look pretty tasty) but looking at it and reading the description I thought it might be an answer to cueing problems, especially in low light. At just £14 + p&p I thought it worth a punt.



Its a small (far smaller than I expected) Swan Necked light which allows you to place the light exactly where you need it.
The only disadvantage is that being so light its very easy to knock over.
That problem is solved by using the supplied small (15mm) Neodymium Magnet which can be affixed to wherever you desire, My only concern was how that magnet could effect the Cartridge so I contacted the importer who says a minimum of 4"/100mm is more than adequate. That rules out placing the magnet on the LP12 plinth, but the corner of the Turntable Support is 6" away. Perfect.

It comes supplied with the magnet referred to above, as well as a set of 4x LR44 batteries which are usefully fitted into a plastic sleeve which makes replacing them a lot easier when the time comes. The push switch is easy to use and the light blindingly bright, so take care where its pointing when you turn it on.


In Use

You could just use it free standing, but in my estimation its far more likely to fall/be knocked over than not so lets look at the magnet. Its 15mm in diameter and only a few mill thick so it fits very neatly on my Quadraspire shelf, I could of course glue it there, but then that poses problems if/when I want to remove the magnet. Solution? One of those double sided foam pads, ck to the magnet then cut to size. Just make sure that you put the pad on the correct side otherwise it will be repelling the lamp base not attracting it.


As you can see I fixed it to the top of the leg support, but you could of course stick it anywhere you wish :shock: Just take care as it is VERY strong. Far stronger than you would expect from the size and you do not want it attaching somewhere you don't want it to. As usual, take care if you have a pacemaker of other sensitive equipment that needs to avoid magnetism.

The Nessie than just gently sticks to the magnet, allowing you to adjust the light to exactly where you need it.


As you can see it illuminates the stylus beautifully allowing you have more confidence cleaning the stylus, it also makes cueing easier to judge.


At Fourteen Pounds (+ p&p) its a bargain. I have no idea how long the batteries will last, but they are cheap enough to buy in all the usual places.

There's More

Hang on a moment, its designed for the Nessie RCM. I don't own a Nessie, but I do have an Okki Nokki. Will it fit there? Well, with a few magnets bought from the River (15mm Neodymium Magnets) the same double sided stick pads and ...


Perfect. Now you can see what you are doing when you are cleaning LP's as well, especially the coloured or clear ones which I find a nightmare.

Conclusion (again)

Its better than a bargain, its an essential bit of your HiFi kit for very little money.


The Nessie Light was bought and paid for by myself from Analogue Seduction
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Re: "Nessie" Light

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I have Ikea Jansjö Led-lamp. Serves the purpose very well.

https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/jansjoe-le ... -50400369/

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Re: "Nessie" Light

Post by grimreaper46 »

Don't have any problem cueing....

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