I Wonder Has Anyone Told Del Boy

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Craig Lang
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I Wonder Has Anyone Told Del Boy

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About this September release ? :lol:


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Re: I Wonder Has Anyone Told Del Boy

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My wife Diane went on a hen night to some club in Bolton years ago, and they were on. She said girls were throwing themselves at them.. :shock:
I asked her “what were they like ?”.. :roll:
She replied “ Shite”.. xss_poo
Must buy the album.. :smt005
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Re: I Wonder Has Anyone Told Del Boy

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Some years back we went to a wedding of one of my wife’s works colleague. We met another couple and I asked how he was enjoying retirement and what did he do. He replied he had been an agent, I asked what type thinking travel or estate. He said entertainment. I asked who was the best and worst he had worked with, the answer was the same, George Best. I asked what had been the biggest scare. He said he had booked Showaddywaddy into a big ballroom with 1,500 in attendance. The road crew turned up, set up, tuned up and did a sound check!! They were due on at eleven o’clock, nine o’clock there was no sign of them, no sign of them at ten o’clock. He kept asking the tour manager if everything was OK and he was ensured that everything was going well. By a quarter to eleven he was now panicking, at ten to eleven a transit bus arrived, out they trooped straight onto stage played for an hour, off stage straight into the bus and away. He said if only every act had been that efficient.
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Re: I Wonder Has Anyone Told Del Boy

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