FS: Linn Akurate Exakt DSM/1 plus Extra

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FS: Linn Akurate Exakt DSM/1 plus Extra

Post by JensA »

I am selling my Akurate Exakt DSM/1 (due to upgrade to Klimax)

Optical (see photos) and technical condition is excellent.

It comes with original Linn Remote as well as Box and (UK) power cable.

As most of you will know the AEDSM is a phantastic Preamp/Streamer with lots of digital and analogue inputs (incl phono great pre mm/mc) as well as digital ouputs, BUT it doesn't have any DAC, i.e. no analogue outputs.
The ADC (upto 42/192) is excellent and even if not used in a Linn Exakt environment the AEDSM can be used as a phantastic recording / vinyl ripping machine if used in combination with Songcorder software ( seee https://meraki-acoustic.com/songcorder/. I can send samples of AERDSM vinyl rips upon request.

Serial number: 1440961

Price when new: EUR 4.195

Price idea (including a new Songcorder license and shipping costs within EU): EUR 1.250




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Amplification: Linn Akurate Exakt Box-i
Speakers: Linn Majik 140's (Exakt + Al Stands)
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