Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

NO, not musical introductions. :roll:
Pop in, say hello and tell us about yourself. We don't bite, well not unless you ask nicely.
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Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

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Found this site while looking for an alternative to closed down WAM forum.

Hope to find some helpful tips and tricks on building / upgrading my system.
For 30-35 years it was Linn Axis ,Basik plus/ akito 1, K9, IncaTech Claymore, biwired Linn Helix. Nakamichi BX125, Marantz CD52, Onkyo T4670
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Want to upgrade to Majik Exactbox i and Majik Isobariks. LP12 to Kore and Karousel

Yes, I am a Linn Fan, but do also except the fact, that other good stuff is out there. It’s just easier to concentrate on one brand :D
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Re: Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

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Welcome aboard

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Re: Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

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Welcome to the Kabin. Always good to see new members ....... :smt023
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Re: Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

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Thanks for joining us :smt023
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