[For Sale] Curvato Trio Water Filter Tap

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Mr Onion
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[For Sale] Curvato Trio Water Filter Tap

Post by Mr Onion »

Bit of an unusual one here, and I doubt anyone will be interested but you never know.


Curvato Trio Water Filter Tap in Brushed Steel by https://www.the1810company.co.uk Used for 10 days only as it requires a minium of 0.5 bar pressure but living in a Bungalow with a gravity fed water system we only have 0.2 bar. Obviously we did not discover the error until after it was installed and too late to return it. The tap it self in unmarked but there are marks on the fixing nut from where the spanner has contacted. Obviously this can not be seen once its installed.

Complete with all parts as shown, but as the water filter has been used and then left open to the air it would probably be best to replace that part, which is a consumable item and available from various sources.

Say £100 plus whatever its going to cost to post. Its a heavy beast and I will need to find something to pack it in as the original box ended up in the skip.
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Re: [For Sale] Curvato Trio Water Filter Tap

Post by Coyote Jim »

Has it had " tune dem " now it's "Tappin " ? :smt005
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