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Re: Bottom Gear

Post by Scottyhammer »

should get very good now that the ginger nut has gone....hopefully chris harris will take the reigns.

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Re: Bottom Gear

Post by shellspeed »

May be it was a mistake to try and rehash the whole thing.

I think Matt did a reasonable job, at least he has some comic timing. Chris Harris needs to be allowed of his leash a bit to do the techy nerdy ff like his YouTube videos which are just superb. Any car enthusiast should find them enthralling to watch. His is ‘hyper’ car ff is so well made and him natural and passionate about his driving experience, not the over produced tripe the BBC have done.

It was not particularly well edited either. On several occasions they had filmed an identical part of the script twice and used both in the edit. I was almost like they never watched the final cut through to see if it actually made a good programme.

I still have no idea what Sabine Smit or whatever her name is was doing on there or for that matter what she was saying half the time. I could live with Rory if aunti beeb is that desperate to tick the diversity box and Eddie Jordan just looked like a pointless after thought.

Perhaps they should not have rushed it out to air before the ‘summer’(if it ever arrives). Having said that I don’t think there where many features where there were even leaves on the trees so they had a few months at least. I think out the six episodes there was may be 1 – 1.5 shows worth of good content.

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Re: Bottom Gear

Post by pjdowns »

I thought it got better as the series went on but still wasn't a patch on the Clarkson, Hammond, May days.

Chris Evans was a real disappointment, so I'm glad he's left, as was Eddie Jordan, he just seemed like a doggery old man who didn't know what he was doing so hopefull they'll ditch him.

Matt LeBlanc was a surprise, he was quite funny and I could see him taking over from Chris as the lead presenter.

Chris Harris and Rory Reid were excellent and I look forward to seeing more of them and Sabine Schmitz is a superb driver and in fact I recon would give The Stig a run for his money :)

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