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Football clubs raided in HMRC probe.

Thats Soccer to everyone on the left side of the pond.

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Re: Football clubs raided in HMRC probe.

Post by Dan Steel »

Not suprised both clubs are run by the biggest cowboys going. :smt013


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Re: Football clubs raided in HMRC probe.

Post by Wenge1 »

It will be very interested to see what comes from the 'ongoing inquiries' .......... 8)
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Re: Football clubs raided in HMRC probe.

Post by MHmusic »

Even without the detail of the issues, this will send another shudder around the Premiership and no doubt raise questions re the roles of agents. The problem the clubs have is the agents hold all of the cards and when they go to a club and say we just need to do this and you get so and so player. The detail of 'this' can be obscure I suspect. So I can see how they might get into a difficult situation during the agreement. It's less clear quite how that doesn't become more obvious/suspicious when the cash is handed over (i.e. the banking transactions). I doubt it's used fivers in a brown bag but at some point it should be obvious something is out of the normal framework. But have the finance/admin sections of clubs matured at the speed of the commercial nature - I doubt it.

Not making excuses, more trying to imagine how it happens. Just hoping that Palace aren't implicated anywhere because they have a bunch of French players and I know France based agents were used. What's certain is that the media will hunt them down now it's public.
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