[WTD] CD - Wings - Back to the egg

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[WTD] CD - Wings - Back to the egg

Post by JDEC »


Not sure if this allowed, so apologies if I’ve broken any rules. If I have, please remove.

I bought this album on Qobuz a couple of years ago.

I played it and didn’t notice any issues. More recently I listened to it more closely, and one track “Rockestra” seemed to skip.

On closer inspection all the tracks bar two, have been divided so that there is a few seconds of the next track at the end.

On seamless play back you wouldn’t notice, but playing one track you would. I thought I’d join them together using audacity, which works for some tracks, but others, like “Rockestra” have parts missing albeit milliseconds worth - it’s enough to notice.

**Deleted By Admin**

I’ve found it on Amazon for £20, which is bit steep for an album that while interesting is not a classic!

I suppose I could try and record the whole thing from the LP I have but that is a bit of a faff, since I don’t have the bits permanently set up to do it.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: [WTD] CD - Wings - Back to the egg

Post by Craig Lang »

Not sure about forum rules but it breaks copyright laws.
Asking someone to be complicit in helping you by supplying a album disc to rip also is not good.
It's legal to rip albums discs but you must be the owner of said disc and retain it.
So asking to borrow one to rip is basically against the law.
You should look on Discogs.
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Re: [WTD] CD - Wings - Back to the egg

Post by The Kaptain »

I am afraid Craig is correct. Even though you have purchased the FLAC download that does not allow you to rip a CD unless you actually own the CD.

The cheapest I can find is on Discogs shipping from the Russian Federation @ £10 + shipping

I would suggest that you get hold of the company you purchased the FLAC from and get a refund as it is "not fit for purpose" as defined by the relevant Act of Parliament.
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