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Thank you.

Hello to all.

NO, not musical introductions. :roll:
Pop in, say hello and tell us about yourself. We don't bite, well not unless you ask nicely.

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Hello to all.

Post by Gus60 »

New member to the Hifikabin community Gus here.
Back into the Audiophile thing after many years having stored away my kit in the loft.
I have finally set up my system which consists of :-

Naim CB system
Nac 32.5
2x Hi-Caps
Naxo 3-6
3X Nap 250 amps
Nac A5 speeker cables
Linn Active Isobariks in Black.
Nakamichi 582 Cassette deck.
I have been along time user of my Technics SP10 mk2 + EPA 100 tonearm + Audio Technica AT32E and AT33PTG moving coil cartridges but wanted to try the Linn path.
So recently aquired a Linn LP12 Sondek Black Fluted Plinth.
My friend gave me a Linn Basik plus tonearm to get by with.
Replaced the Valhalla with a Hercules and added a Trampolin2.
My musical taste is very eclectic having purchased over many years ranging from Sinatra,Classical,Soul,Jazz,Rock.
Basically anything good to my ear.
Anyway thats it for now.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all.
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Re: Hello to all.

Post by LD100 »

Gus60 wrote: Mon Dec 23, 2019 9:52 pm New member to the Hifikabin community Gus here.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all.
Welcome to the Kabin, enjoy the music and Merry Christmas!
:smt020 xss28 xss28 :smt020 :D :D :D
Original 1978 Fluted Afromosia LP12, Ekos 2, Lyra Kleos SL and lots of other stuff from the 70's that still work fine.
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Re: Hello to all.

Post by Mr Onion »

Welcome Gus,

Aktiv 'bricks eh? :smt007 Nice classic system

Fluted Afro LP12, Khan, KEEL, Karousel, Urika, Radikal-2 A (with Allium Skin Mods), EKOS SE/1, sKale, DVXX-2mkII
NAIM CD 5si with Marigo Lab Aida CD Mat
ThePre, ZAP 250, Kudos Super 20's
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Re: Hello to all.

Post by evil_C »

Welcome :smt039. "Basically anything good to my ear" - that's what matters.

So please tell us what you're listening to in the What Are You Listening To threads.
On the vinyl
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Re: Hello to all.

Post by On the vinyl »

Welcome to the Kabin
Let us know how you compare the two turntables, as the gear is important but it’s the music that matters. :smt020 :smt020
Lp12, Ekos se, radikal, kore, Karousel ,Krystal, Urika1,
and Mr Swains fairy dust.
Mark Levinson no 432, Nac82, supercap plus other Naim black and olive.
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Re: Hello to all.

Post by Wenge1 »

Welcome and glad to have you onboard ................. xss30
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Cables - Linn Silver RCA & K200 speaker cable
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