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LINN Tour on YouTube

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LINN Tour on YouTube

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We cant get to LINN to do the Factory Tour, so the Factory Tour can come to us.

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Re: LINN Tour on YouTube

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Re: LINN Tour on YouTube

Post by evil_C »

Excellent! Thanks for that. I’ve been round the Naim factory several times, but never visited the Linn factory. It’s nice to see that Linn does its own machining of Klimax casework, but I was surprised that it's in the same space as the final assembly area. Did we see where the Klimax cases and Keels are anodised? If so, I missed that.
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Re: LINN Tour on YouTube

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It's a great up to date Jolly round I've been there many times and there is a lot not covered in the general video.
There are more dem rooms behind the Linn home and there is also all the painting powder coating and printing and the arm assembly room not shown but it's a nice trip round the basics.
In the video where they approach the turntable assembly point the chap in blue that walks away is Graham Jack from the arm assembly department.
They do a lovely lunch too. 8) :smt023
Ekos Arm assembly link below. ... 0UZnFtCaZD
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