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Urika XLR vs RCA

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Urika XLR vs RCA

Post by Garland »

I've searched and can't find where this has been talked about.

I'm in the process of making two changes to my system (actually 3 as I'm doing the recent Radikal upgrade at the same time but that's straight forward).
I'm going from a Uphorik to a Urika 1 and changing my preamp from a Cary SLP-98 (RCA only inputs) to a Cary SLP-05 RCA and XLR. The installation instructions from Linn actually say the RCA will sound better. No problem I have a pair of silvers for that. However, the consensus in the Cary camp is that the SLP-05 really shines in balanced mode. Usually when it comes to cables, try one and listen. Try the other and listen. Then pick the one you like. With the Urika it's a pain to do that.

I would appreciate any input.

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Re: Urika XLR vs RCA

Post by LD100 »

I can only advise my general rule of: if the equipment can use XLR cables then that is what I use.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with RCA in a consumer of luck and good listening with whichever choice you make. :smt023
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Re: Urika XLR vs RCA

Post by Coyote Jim »

Garland wrote: Tue Oct 25, 2022 4:20 pm I would appreciate any input.

Good pun. :roll:
Realistically the XLR is a much better than average DIN type connector it has its place but in comparison like for like isn’t easy as one is more used on balanced connections.
I haven’t compared XLR to RCA but having changed from Linn to Naim amplification and CDP the consensus from the manufacturer prefers the DIN connection as it most suits the way that their add on power supplies etc have to be multi wired and they do say they think that DIN sounds better.
I bought my Naim Gear and had fully got my head round to going to change to DIN for the Naim synergy.
I asked my dealer “Cymbiosis” to supply for me all the necessary new cables and also remembering my Urika would need reconnecting to DIN from silvers.
When I got my new gear I settled down to have a listen to the CDP first I just connected it with silvers that we’re there and got no sound.
A look at the instruction manual enlightened me that I had to select via my remote to tell the CDP what set of output sockets to use.
So thought before I change settings I’ll pop in the DIN that came with the CDP and I thought this is good and remembering I’d given the thumbs up to a conversion I thought why not try the RCA instead while I have the chance and was mind blown the DIN was deaf in comparison and the difference was not even the slightest bit subtle.
So silvers are everywhere and I’m not interested in trying again.
Sorry if I bored anyone but was asked. :smt015 :smt005
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Re: Urika XLR vs RCA

Post by sktn77a »

Bear in mind, there's "XLR" and there's "Balanced". I don't know if the Linn XLRs are balanced or just SE using XLR connectors (this is how NAIM does it - very confusing).
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