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Thank you.

Hi everybody

NO, not musical introductions. :roll:
Pop in, say hello and tell us about yourself. We don't bite, well not unless you ask nicely.

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Hi everybody

Post by Grandad_Matt »

I have just joined this forum and wanted to say a quick hello.
My gear is a mix of Linn sources, LP12 Keel, Karousel Tramp, Arad, and ADSM3 and Goldnote phono and poweramps into Kudos 606s. Oh and a Heed cd transport to satisfy my better half who wanted to play her old cds. I use the internet radio and vinyl as my main sources as I have not got into streaming yet, that pleasure is yet to come.
Regards Grandad _Matt
Linn LP12 keel karousel tramp ARadikal Ittok dv-Karat 17dx
Linn Adsm3
Goldnote PH10 phono and PA10x2 (run as mono blocks)
Heed Obelisk dt dat
Kudos 606 + ks1
Various Audioquest tellurium and ifi connects
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Re: Hi everybody

Post by DebsE »

Welcome aboard!
Linn LP12 / Karousel / Keel / Radikal / Trampolin II / Ekos / Krystal / Silver T-Kable / Collaro Audio mat / Linto / Kairn III / 2x Linn 2250s / Bi-amping Celestion 600 Si on K400 / Original Foundation speaker stands. Also Karik III / Numerik, and Kremlin. All sitting on Söund Örganisatiön shelves (2) and tables (4). Okki Nokki RCM.
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Re: Hi everybody

Post by Wenge1 »

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the forum. It's always great to see new Kabineers join up ........... :smt023
LP12 - Klimax Radikal 2/Urika, Harban Plinth, Karousel, Keel, Karmen, Ekos SE, Skale, Lyra Atlas
CD Players - Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player, dCS Puccini CD Player + Scarlatti Master Clock
Amps - KK/1(D), Klimax Twin (D)
Speakers - Kudos S20 A's in Santos Rosewood
Cables - Linn Silver RCA & K200 speaker cable
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Re: Hi everybody

Post by LD100 »

xss17 :smt039 xss17 :smt020
Original 1978 Fluted Afromosia LP12, Ekos 2, Lyra Kleos SL and lots of other stuff from the 70's that still work fine.
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