Stamp Price increase

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Stamp Price increase

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From April

1st Class up to £1-10
2nd Class up to 75p

Buy them now and save :smt023 Plus whats the point of paying for First Class when most of the time all it does is cost you more money for a second class service


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Re: Stamp Price increase

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I have found that second class is usually quicker than first class anyway!

On another forum there’s been discussion about changing fuses. I followed the flock on this and duly ordered ten Bussmann fuses. These were dispatched by the Royal Mail 48 service on 24 February. I believe this is meant to deliver two to three days after posting, but the package was delivered yesterday, 3 March, seven days after posting.
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Re: Stamp Price increase

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My postie is a really cool guy and understands about music media delivery he is obviously enraged at all the latest wrangles and put upon that he has.
He averages 15miles every day and if he gets that finished within a certain time depending on numbers etc he gets put out in a van for the remainder of his shift.
Now they have started a service whereby I can “ through an app “ give him a parcel I’ve paid to post and he takes it away on his round.
This makes things awkward as he parks his trolley here and there and would have to make multiple journeys back to his lockable trolley every time.
He can’t take his trolley round the doors because it has to be chained up when not attended every time.
I mentioned to him about the new prices and he said there not making enough money with envelopes etc and when we were back in the depot for more letters we’re told sod the letters and get the parcels out there’s much more money to be made. :smt013
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