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Michele Stodart Crowdfunding Album number 3

Where would we be without the music?

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Michele Stodart Crowdfunding Album number 3

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If the name is half familiar, she was one quarter of The Magic Numbers.


I am very excited to finally share this new album that I’ve been working on for (what has ended up being) a few years now! Plans for the release were originally delayed due to the Covid pandemic, as well as some life-changing personal circumstances I had to overcome.

These past few years have been a real time of change, growth and transformation for me, and the songs on the album reflect on some of these experiences... I'm now ready to take that brave step and release this album out into the world... and equally be released from it.

So what do you think? Might you be up for being a part of theses final stages with me - and turning this long time project and dream into a physical reality?


The album is called ‘Invitation’ - it is an intimate, personal record, with songs that touch on themes of motherhood, relationships, mental health, transformation, endings and new beginnings.

It comes from a place of inviting in the darkness, the hard times, the sadness, loss, love and grief... all of the unknown feelings that get woken up inside you. To practice staying with them, no matter how uncomfortable. To understand that they are trying to tell you something… and that ultimately it’s ok to feel these emotions, even if you can't make any sense of them.

I believe that it’s in the learning and listening that we can transform, grow, stay conscious and wholeheartedly true, open, honest with ourselves and others. Words are a powerful resource and we can choose to use them to connect deeply with one another. Song-writing has always been my way of trying to do just that, and I hope this album 'invites' us to reach out together.

Album Instrumentation, Musicians & Collaborators:

The album has already been recorded and there are some incredibly talented musicians involved, bringing their musical creativity to the songs:

Romeo Stodart - Piano

Andy Bruce - Piano

Alice Phelps - Harp

Will Harvey - Violin & Viola

CJ Jones - Drums

Nick Pini - Double Bass

Joe Harvey-Whyte - Pedal Steel

Dave Izumi Lynch - Synths

Me - Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Percussion


This album will be a self-release... I'm already half-way there having finished the recording, mixing and mastering... but there are still some very important final stages necessary for this album to be released into the world – your contributions and pre-orders will help make this happen:

- Manufacturing: This is the next big step! Being a record lover and believer in having a physical piece of work to not just listen to, but to also hold and cherish. The plan is to release this album on both CD & Vinyl (as well as digital)… and hopefully also a special limited edition run of coloured vinyl!

- Album Artwork: I'm so grateful to the incredibly talented and creative Joni Belaruski, who has been working on the artwork with me, coming up with different unique images for each song. This is becoming a beautiful body of visual work that I am equally excited to share with you …in some of the potentially fun and creative ways listed here, including limited edition prints and special unique pieces.

- Music Videos: I've been chatting to some very talented people and am hoping to create some interesting visual content and videos and for the album... more to be revealed soon!

- Lyric, Artwork & Poetry Book: I would really love to create a book to share the lyrics, artwork, as well as some of my poetry and other writings relating to the themes of the album and maybe some of the stories behind the songs.


Download, CD, Vinyl, Book, and more. You can be part of it from only £10.

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Re: Michele Stodart Crowdfunding Album number 3

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Cheers James just deliberating on which to buy :smt023
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